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What is the Graduate Student Council

The Graduate Student Council is the shared governance body for students at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science that is comprised of 8 elected members, 2 members from each of the UMCES units (Appalachian Laboratory, Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, Horn Point Laboratory, Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology). We are the liaisons between students, faculty, the Vice President for Education (VPE) Office, and the MEES Program Office. On this webpage you can find general information and documents related to this council, including the handbook below. Additional student information can be found on the UMCES website at UMCES General Information. More information about the VPE office, our main point of contact with Administration can be found here UMCES Graduate Programs.

The GSC handbook describes the main roles and responsibilities of council and the individual lab representatives, including what other councils have student representation and the Communications Structure document details ways to contact the council.

GSC Membership and Contacts

If there are questions for the full council you can reach all of the members plus Amy Griffin by using

GSC Leadership
Anna Windle (HPL), Chair
Kyarii (Kia) Ramarui (IMET), Co-Chair
Christina Goethel (CBL), Past-Chair

Lab Representatives
Appalachian Laboratory
Jonathan Johnson
Tan Zou

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Sarah Jones
Madeline Lahm

Horn Point Laboratory
Anna Windle
Daniella Hanacek

Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology
Kyarii (Kia) Ramarui
Taylor Armstrong

Administrative Member
Amy Griffin, Assistant to the Vice President for Education

GSC Policies and Bylaws

UMCES Policy (III-7.11.VI.B) describes the Graduate Student Council (GSC), an organization representing UMCES graduate students, and including two representatives from each Laboratory Unit. The GSC meets on a regular basis, including an annual meeting with the Vice President for Education.

GSC Policies
GSC Bylaws

Graduate assistants in the University System of Maryland, including UMCES, have the right to engage labor representation under the Meet and Confer guidelines: M-C Principles and Guidelines and M-C Facts. UMCES graduate students have elected to not engage labor representation at this time.

Currently, the UMCES GSC meets with the Vice President for Education, Vice President for Administration, the head of HR, and the Assistant to the Vice President for Education on a yearly basis in June to hold our annual Meet and Confer meeting. This was reinstated in 2019 and meeting minutes from past years can be found below.

2020 M-C Meeting Minutes
2019 M-C Meeting Minutes
2013 M-C Meeting Minutes