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Name/Title Lab/Description Contact Information
Robert Anderson
Professor Emeritus
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Comparative immunology and immunotoxicology of marine organisms; immunological basis of disease susceptibility and resistance.
Tsvetan Bachvaroff
Research Assistant Professor
Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology
My research is focused on dinoflagellate evolution with special emphasis on the parasitic dinoflagellates about which we know very little. I use large scale sequencing and phylogenetic methods to describe the evolutionary history of different types of genes in dinoflagellates.
SunHye Bae
Assistant Research Scientist
Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology

Helen Bailey
Associate Research Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Spatial Ecology, Movements and habitat use of marine animals, Predator-prey interactions, Oceanographic influences on marine top predators, Assessing environmental impacts of offshore energy
Hongsheng Bi
Associate Professor
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Population modeling, zooplankton ecology, spatial statistics
Donald Boesch
President and Professor
Center Administration
Marine and estuarine ecology; benthic communities and sediment dynamics; marine pollution; national and international marine policy
William Boicourt
Professor Emeritus
Horn Point Laboratory
Physical oceanographic processes; continental shelf and estuarine circulation
Walter Boynton
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Systems ecology; nutrient cycling in estuarine systems; food web dynamics.
Ashley Burdette
Faculty Research Assistant
Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Mark Castro
Associate Professor
Appalachian Laboratory
Environmental science, Atmospheric-biosphere interactions, Impacts of land use on water quality
Shenn-Yu Chao
Horn Point Laboratory
Physical oceanography; continental shelf and slope circulation; western boundary currents; numerical modeling of ocean circulation processes.
Feng Chen
Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology
Marine microbial ecology, microbial oceanography and biogeography, microbial diversity, genomics, and functional genomics, phage-host interactions, clean green biotechnology.
J. Sook Chung
Associate Professor
Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology
Neuroendocrine regulation on crustacean physiology of molting, growth, reproduction, sex differentiation and stress responses.
Lou Codispoti
Research Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Arctic Ocean processes, nutrient and carbon budgets, descriptive physical oceanography, coastal upwelling and chemical oceanographic instrumentation.
Victoria Coles
Research Associate Professor
Horn Point Laboratory
Observation and modeling of large scale ocean circulation, bio-geo-chemical tracer distributions.