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Faculty Senate Function

The UMCES Faculty Senate in partnership with the President and Administration (1) develops and reviews UMCES practices, programs, and policies related to faculty governance; (2) aids in strategic planning and development; and (3) participates in reviews of UMCES leadership. The Senate organizes an annual Convocation to review UMCES activities and policies, introduce new faculty, celebrate faculty achievement, and address topical issues related to faculty development and performance.

UMCES Policy on Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Representatives

The Senate is elected by the entire faculty and represents all research faculty ranks, both tenure and non-tenure tracks. Senate membership policy ensures that all UMCES units are represented: two members each from AL, CBL, HPL, and one member from IMET. Ex officio members of the Senate include the President, Vice President for Education, and Graduate Student and Faculty Research Assistant representatives. The Senate Chairman sits on the UMCES Administrative Council and is ex officio on the Graduate Faculty Council. The Chairman serves on the USM Faculty Chairs Committee and the Council of University System Faculty.

Faculty Senate Chair
James Pierson, Horn Point Laboratory

Appalachian Laboratory
Emily Cohen
Xin Zhang

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Michael Gonsior
Laura Lapham

Horn Point Laboratory
Sairah Malkin
Cindy Palinkas

Institute of Marine & Environmental Technology
Rose Jagus

Casey Hodgkins, FRA representative
Majeed Alrefaie, student representative
Isabel Sanchez, student representative


Graduate Faculty Council Representatives

Council Chairman
Lawrence Sanford

Appalachian Laboratory
Mark Castro
Dave Nelson

Chesapeake Biological Laboratory
Michael Gonsior
Carys Mitchelmore

Horn Point Laboratory
Jamie Pierson
Cindy Palinkas

Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology
Alllen Place
Yantao Li

Student representatives
(GSC Chairman) Christina Goethel

(GSC Vice-Chairman) Christine Knauss

Faculty Senate Committees

The Senate involves UMCES faculty in working groups related to Senate work. Current working groups focus on faculty performance and development.